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A university egg hunt is afoot, thanks to President Lachemi

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By Skyler Ash

With almost one month until Easter, Ryerson’s president, Mohamed Lachemi, is planning “the biggest campus-wide egg hunt these kiddos will ever see.”

The idea came to him in a dream, when he and his “close personal friend” former Rye president Sheldon Levy were decorating eggs together in Levy’s French pied-à-terre.

“I woke up feeling all warm and fuzzy, like I always do when I think of my good pal Shel, and I just thought I would try and share that feeling with all of Ryerson,” said Lachemi.

The hunt will last two days, April 16-17, or Easter weekend. There will be hand-painted eggs containing small chocolates all across campus, from the shit hole that is the Sally Horsfall Eaton Centre to the cold and desolate Ted Rogers School of Management.

“I painted all the eggs myself,” said Lachemi. “I invited Sheldon so we could recreate the dream, but he said he was busy, so I just set myself up in my living room with some Downton Abbey and some water colours and went at it.”

So, after a wild Saturday night of decorating, downton and sangria, Lachemi was ready. He made the official egg map the next day, detailing where all the treats would be hidden, and he plans to have finished sending e-vites to each student in the next few days.

“I’m sending each faculty a different kind of card—engineering gets the pastel stripes and English gets the spunky polka dots, it’s quite festive” said Lachemi.

All students should plan to meet at the Kerr Hall Quad April 16 at 9 a.m. “I want to let the kids sleep in a bit, but I’m also too excited to wait much past 10,” said Lachemi.

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