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Event Welcomes new chair of social justice and democracy

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By Sophia Smith

On March 20, 2017 Kikélola Roach was officially welcomed as the new Sam Gindin Chair in Social Justice and Democracy.The position acts to bring together students, academics, trade unions, general public members and activists within the Ryerson community.

The SCC Thomas Lounge was filled with Ryerson academics, professors and officials for Roach’s acceptance speech. She spoke on how now more than ever we must integrate academia with activism, providing students with an accessible, practical curriculum and the tools to create change.

“We need more critical reflection on how our government is operating, we need to allow students to challenge this,” said Roach.

She expressed how she will be using her extensive experience to “research how law intersects with social justice issues.” Roach plans to personally meet with newly elected RSU board members, along with students and professors across all faculties in order to engage everybody equally in initiatives such as Social Justice week.

“The youth within Ryerson are taking on these issues themselves already,” she said. “We want to partner with the energy and the dynamism that’s already there, and ultimately enhance it, support it and enrich it with more contacts between community activists, professionals, faculty members and other people with knowledge in the broader community.”


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