Eyes on Rye: RTA student travels the globe for videography

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By Annie Arnone

Welcome to The Eyeopener’s web series ‘Eyes on Rye,’ where we profile some of Ryerson’s most talented students, doing dope things in their field of study. This week, we are featuring a radio and television arts new media student, who tells us about his experience working with Youtubers, as well as his upcoming project that he hopes to submit to a film festival.

Ronny Tam was eight-years-old when he attended a film camp on his summer vacation. Now, the once movie-hating youngster spends the large part of his day fiddling with the buttons on his DSLR camera.

The second-year radio and television arts new media student traveled across the world to Asia last year as a producer and videographer, working on vlogs for famous Youtube personality,  Gunnarolla.

Aside from the several short videos he enjoys making for school projects and freelance assignments, he is currently editing and perfecting his new short film Mutual—a story of multiple love stories, colliding into one that Tam and his crew members intend on submitting to various film festivals across North America in the upcoming year.





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