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Kicking the bad habits early

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By Sierra Bein

I don’t have much space, so I’ll try to be convincing in as few words as possible. You (and I) need to change our ways, before it’s too late in the year to turn back on our promises.

You now have a chance with these first weeks of school to get yourself into a routine and stick to it for the remainder of the semester.

We all love to complain about our bad habits. Not sleeping right, not eating right, not working out, not taking care of our bodies in general.

Somehow this brings us joy and I can’t explain why. We get satisfaction from knowing we are worse off than the next person.

But with the new class schedule you have saved somewhere on your phone, don’t forget to include some time for the gym, time for yourself and time to get some real goddamn sleep.

Kick the bad habits early, so they don’t seem so daunting to get rid of once you’re set in your dirty, old ways. We’re going to want to get lazy. It can’t be just me.

So, while we have the motivation, let’s pull our pants up and make these habits part of our life-style. It’s good for you and for future you too.

The worst part about making this happen is that you knew you’d have to eventually: It’s called adulting.

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