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The Earopener, Episode 8: Bed bugs bite at Ryerson

By Micahel D’Alimonte and Eyeopener Staff

First, The Eyeopener‘s Stefanie Phillips reported on mysterious bug bites she got while sitting in class in the Victoria Building. Ryerson investigated and said the room was clear, but when Eye reporters searched the room days later, they found multiple bed bugs, sparking new investigations and a media storm. As Ryerson tries to squash its bug problem, host Michael D’Alimonte interviews Phillips and Eye reporter Brent Smyth about covering the creepy crawlies.

The interview with Phillips was recorded on March 9 before The Eye confiirmed the bed bugs’ presence. Smyth was interviewed after, on March 15.

The Ear-Opener airs first on CJRU 1280 AM in Toronto.

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