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What are you drinking tonight, Ryerson?

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By Lidia Abraha

Our campus is more than just the typical jocks, hipsters, and nerds. Therefore we made a list of cocktails for different types of Ryerson students. If you’re not on the list, then your choice of poison is probably water. Good for you, stay hydrated.   

Business students that use the 100 emoji and are always on a “grind”

You’re not a real business student if you don’t order a Manhattan at every function. This drink screams “I’m gonna make a million bucks, bitch.” These enthusiastic capitalist motherfuckers are always ready to network at a party. So what’s a better way to show you’re taking care of business than holding a Manhattan?

Ryerson baddies and bottle girls

When you go clubbing every weekend, you can’t really afford much more than a rum and Coke, and that’s ok. You’re just young, living your life, and finessing as many drinks you can from those slimy promoters in your DMs.

The media hipsters at Rye

These kind of people are funky and artsy, so a gin and tonic is the perfect drink for them. You’ll either find them at the Imperial Pub, with a book in their hand debating various socialist values or in an underground party with inflated dinosaurs everywhere.

Ryerson jocks… a force to be reckoned with

Since they can’t do drugs, you’ll almost always see them with a bottle of Hennessy every weekend. If you can only turn up one way, why not ball all the way out? Anyways, what’s a $60 bottle gonna do to you when you’re on your way to the pros?

Skaters on Gould and Victoria streets

You’re punk and daring with those hardcore flips, and wearing a Thrasher/Supreme sweater. A craft beer would be a perfect drink for you. It’s cheap and enough of it can get you hammered with a minimal hangover the next day. We know you need four pitchers for you and your buddies, just don’t drink and skate!

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