The best of Ryerson’s SoundCloud scene

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By Peter Ash

Let’s be honest: almost every “Toronto man” at Ryerson has a SoundCloud account, and unfortunately, most of them are only known for saying “NYEAH EH” or “6ixbuzz”. While SoundCloud rappers are notorious for not being taken seriously, the platform is home to some legitimate up-and-comers in the Toronto rap scene.

SoundCloud rappers have a tendency of floating towards “mumble rap” style, which has hurt the reputation of most artists. However, we still have to remember not to judge and that there’s a lot of hidden talent out there, especially on a local level.

So, to make sure that we don’t forget it, we decided to take a look at some of the low-key rappers who could be on the come-up here at Ryerson

Yung JiZz

Creating a reputation as a parody account, this artist tries to mimic some of the music he hears on a daily basis. With “Relax its just a meme” posted on his SoundCloud, his highest played track, “Overdose” featuring an artist named “Lil Cuck”, is a solid representation of his music as it sounds like he’s rapping over an alien takeover instrumental. Nevertheless, he has a sound that could grab the attention of most people. Whether it’s for better or worse remains the question.


Known for his quick tempo and medium-toned voice, “6ixsidelavish” has been trying to get on the scene for some time now. Although he doesn’t currently have a SoundCloud account, his lone snippet on Instagram shows that he has an aggressive style worthy of the streaming website. His first full project, that hasn’t been named yet, will be released next year.



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“Ary” comes in as one of the more talented rappers on this list. Known for his mellow and cool style, the dark-themed artist brings a lot of bars in each of his songs. His debut album, “Closure”, has multiple strong songs, including “No Escape” and his lead single, “Cartier Bezel”. Other songs that he considers to be bangers are “With it” and “I Do This”. Smooth but lit, “Ary” is looking to create some buzz.


All about the speed, “Chhina” usually spits fast, but not fast enough to mumble in his rhymes. Clear and catchy, most of his songs are self-produced. He’s also added some music videos as of late, with “Superbad Freestyle”, “Margiela Mad Max” and “Fadeaway” each having their own visuals. A lot of his music has the feel of both the old and new school, figuring out a way to utilize a high-tempo style while balancing a strong delivery. And in case you forgot, he also performed in a music video in 2017 to promote a student union election slate.


Last, but not least, the man known as “Lofsky” comes in as the most notable rapper. Using his unique sound, Lofsky usually never has the same flow. He also isn’t afraid to experiment with new beats, which makes him an even more interesting listen as you go through his music. Overall, his sound is new and creative, something that isn’t seen too much in the industry anymore.

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