Eye Playlist: An alternative to the lo-fi chill beats study mix

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By Lauren Kaminski

It’s February, and for Rye students, reading week is upon us. As much as we tend to not take the ‘reading’ part seriously and just binge-watch sitcoms on Netflix, there are midterms and assignments waiting for us at the end of the break. If you’re like me and spent the first half of reading week lounging around, here are 10 mellow, low-tempo songs that will help you crack down on your last-minute studying.

“Do You Go Up” by Khai, 2015

The relaxing, graceful sound of Khai’s vocals on top of an electronic melody will put you in just the right mindset for studying. Throw on this self-produced, catchy ballad to help you through that midterm essay, or at least start your readings for the week.

“The Key” by Brandon Powell, 2018

Vocal-less tracks are perfect for background study music when silence just seems a little too hard to work in. “The Key” is a great song to fill that void while keeping you focused on tasks at hand.

“Goodie Bag” by Still Woozy, 2017

“Goodie Bag” is a bedroom pop single that walks the line between emotional and uplifting perfectly, with its impactful lyrics and cheerful sound. Use this summertime anthem to give you motivation for the months after reading week, or just for a little dance break. We all could use one right about now.

“Sleep Walk” by Santo & Johnny, 1959

A classic that never goes out of style. The instrumental guitar and lullaby-like pace of this sweet song will give you the push you need to finish your assignments, and be the melody stuck in your head once you’re done (better than the sound of your prof’s voice, right?).

“Again” by Wun Two, 2014

Easy on the ears is an understatement for this lo-fi track. Wun Two beautifully samples Doris Day on a nostalgic, electronic beat that will get you through your textbook page by page.

“Black Coffee” by Edo Lee, 2017

Coffee. We love it, we need it. Naturally, there’s a song on our study playlist dedicated to it. The jazzy vibes and soul of “Black Coffee” will get you inspired, into your study groove and not to be disturbed—almost in the same way caffeine affects your mood.

“Easy” by Mac Ayres, 2017

This captivating tune will place you in a trance-like state while you put all your energy into a word document. Beginning with a light piano, then moving to Ayres’ smooth voice on top of a melodic drum, you’ll begin to feel your concentration grow.

“Maybe You’re the Reason” by The Japanese House, 2019

The Japanese House is set to release a new album next month, and if you haven’t listened to Amber Bain’s hazy, transcendental tracks while studying, you absolutely need to. “Maybe You’re The Reason,” a single off the new album, maintains Bain’s synth-pop sound that’s perfect for calming your feelings.

“Low” by TRACE, 2016

Throw on this mesmerizing, lyrical song to make a month’s worth of readings feel like a piece of cake.

“Hunting for Reason” by Folded Like Fabric, 2015

Prepare yourself to switch from procrastination mode to work mode with this embracing, warm track. The rich, colourful ambience of this song will create the perfect atmosphere for you to grind out the assignments in the last half of reading week.

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