Rye students explain why they send drunk videos to @ryersonupartylife

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By Alexandra Holyk

Whether it’s “just a good meme,” or a platform to promote the dangers of binge-drinking, @ryersonupartylife on Instagram is putting Ryerson on the map of Canada’s top party schools.

With a steadily increasing number of followers and new posts submitted by students every day, it’s evident that this social media account is finding its roots with Rye commuters and party-goers alike.

Ryerson Party Life is directly affiliated with Canadian Party Life (CPL)—Canada’s self-acclaimed “number one party page.” CPL features pictures and videos from various universities and college across the country, with story highlights for each school. If you scroll through CPL’s page, you’ll come across a number of posts featuring students doing stupid shit you didn’t know you wanted to see. In order to provide a more in-depth look at the unique party culture at Ryerson, CPL created @ryersonupartylife.

Fresher than 2018 frosh, Ryerson Party Life was created just over two months ago. The party profile consists of laugh-or-cringe-worthy videos and pictures surfacing from non-Ryerson affiliated parties hosted by Rye students.

Weekdays are for studying and going to class, but Saturdays are for the boys

Though Ryerson isn’t known for being a ‘party school,’ you can almost guarantee you’ll find a variety of student-run antics on @ryersonupartylife. The account’s posts consist of videos and pictures submitted by Ryerson students, most of which feature the individuals who sent in the clips themselves. When The Eyeopener asked these students why they sent these posts to the gram, several students claimed their submissions had a deeper purpose.

One video, submitted by a Ryerson student who wished to remain anonymous, featured them passed on the side of a road from drinking too much. Although it was originally sent in to give viewers a good laugh, the sender said they wanted to share an underlying message highlighting the dangers of drinking too much.

“I’m okay with looking bad as long as someone can understand how unsafe alcohol can be,” they said. “[I hope] a few students who have seen the video will remember it the next time they drink.”

University students may not realize it, but binge-drinking to the point of passing out can lead to something much worse than your typical hangover. In November 2015, an international student at Dalhousie University died from alcohol poisoning after spending a night drinking with friends in a university-owned apartment, according to CBC. Even after throwing up and sleeping it off, Xiaomeng (Melody) Shang was pronounced dead by the paramedics shortly after they arrived on the scene. Her death set a precedent for students everywhere, and the anonymous Ryerson student hoped to warn students of the dangers of over-drinking on a page where it is displayed regularly.

According to third-year entrepreneurship student Mark Pettinen, Ryerson Party Life encourages school spirit amongst Rye students. Pettinen submitted a video in preparation for the Ryerson Rams’ hockey game against York University’s Lions, where some Ryerson students can be heard chanting, “Fuck you, York U!” When asked about his submission, Pettinen said “my therapist told me to express my feelings.” He later explained that he was trying to promote Rams’ school spirit, “because [Ryerson] got none.”

As humorous as these posts may be, it’s important to consider what our parents will never stop reminding us about: once it’s posted online, it’s there forever. This can pose as a benefit for some students, particularly those in one video submitted by Kellie Busch. Captioned, “when Eng students forget their Juul charger at home,” it features a student attempting to charge their Juul using…something metal? Perhaps publishing a video showcasing students’ talents and learning skills like these will work in your favour. Who wouldn’t want to hire such a thrifty and efficient individual?

There are other videos online that potential employers might not enjoy as much, but one anonymous first-year student who was filmed shotgunning a dart-impaled beer isn’t too worried about potential consequences.

“I know employers do check social media more and more nowadays but drinking beer with friends isn’t something I’d think would be viewed as negative.” Ryerson Party Life is a private account, and people are allowed to directly message the page if they want a specific post taken down.

Contrary to popular belief, Ryerson does, in fact, know how to party. If you don’t believe that, take a look at Maclean’s Magazine’s article that lists Canada’s top party schools of 2019; Ryerson comes in at 28th, whereas University of Toronto and York University clock in at 44th and 46th, respectively. Though it’s not a significant accomplishment, Rye has improved since last year—28th is better than 30th. Unsurprisingly, the top two schools are St. Francis Xavier University and Bishop’s University. But being the biggest party universities in the country isn’t the only thing they have in common, they’re also both in the middle of fucking nowhere.

Even though the majority of Ryerson students commute everyday, they seem to be able to fit getting lit into their busy schedules. After all, weekdays are for studying and going to class, but Saturdays are for the boys.


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