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Picture of the construction on Gould Street
Photo: Pernia Jamshed
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Campus construction continues through COVID-19

By Alexandra Holyk and Akanksha Dhingra

Ryerson’s Campus Core Revitalization project is expected to continue despite COVID-19 closures, according to university president Mohamed Lachemi.

On March 24, the provincial government released a list indicating the essential services that will remain open, which includes construction in “institutional sectors,” such as Ryerson’s construction project.  

“As of today the work on the campus core revitalization project has been going all last week and will continue,” Lachemi said in an interview with The Eyeopener.

Since the project began, it has caused many problems for students like Angel Arora, a second-year fashion student. “Students had to take long routes to reach classes and even getting a coffee from Tim’s was a [tough] decision,” Arora said. 

The construction has been ongoing for almost a year since March 27, 2019. The Eye previously reported that the project was supposed to be completed by the end of the fall 2019 semester, however, it was delayed due to the sudden emergency utility repairs. 

According to Lachemi, the university can’t guarantee what will happen in the future as “it’s the responsibility of the province and the city.” 

Second-year industrial engineering student Antonia Pang said she is unsure why the construction is taking so long and doesn’t know what is even being done. 

“It baffles me how long it takes for the revitalization project,” said Pang, adding that she’s heard “it’s just planting trees.”

The Eye also reported the university recently opened a temporary pathway on Gould Street near Victoria Street to provide students with more accessibility. 

“Instead of walking to Victoria and then taking a U-turn, it has gotten better with the opening of Gould Street,” Pang said. Nonetheless, she says she “can’t wait for it to be over.”

Due to the ongoing situation and the spread of COVID-19, it’s hard for the university to provide a firm completion date for the revitalization project since the issues are beyond the university’s control, according to Lachemi.

“We are making progress and I hope we are able to continue to complete it,” Lachemi said. 

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