Hang in there Ryerson, and we’ll see you soon

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A final word from the editor-in-chief

Dear student,

The last time we spoke, the world was a different place. It had 41,000 more people walking in it.   

Whether you’re struggling or watching those around you struggle, everyone is experiencing this crisis. Maybe you’re facing severe depression and anxiety amid now-meaningless assignments. Maybe your graduation ceremony was postponed but you have to go home, outside of Toronto or Canada before the fall. Maybe you’re panicking about being able to afford rent, tuition or food. Maybe you’re feeling down with all the time you’re spending in your head these days. Or maybe you or someone you love is sick.  

Students are generally some of the most vulnerable people—we’re in the palms of an institution with complete control over the potential of our futures. That’s exactly why The Eyeopener watches over how Ryerson chooses to take care of its community—not just in this crisis—but in every crisis. Often, Ryerson is the perpetrator of these crises—which comes as no surprise if you read our paper or page two of this issue. 

It’s no thanks to the university that students made it through this year­. It’s because of student solidarity and action that students get through anything the world throws at us. 

We had to cancel two weeks’ worth of print editions, but the show had to go on for our final issue of the year—at least, for now, as a PDF online—despite every Eye editor and contributor going through their own struggles right now. 

This week, we made something a little different than our regular newspaper—we made something fun for you to keep in your back pocket this summer. In this issue, you’ll find poetry, games, a colouring panel, lessons learned and more. This issue puts COVID-19 into a different perspective, because the Ryerson community doesn’t need more collective anxiety right now. 

The Eye just wants to help you pass the time. 

This is my last written piece for The Eye, since a new editor-in-chief will soon take the reins, and I leave knowing that the student body is watching out for itself. Ryerson will always be just another business trying to convince you that you need a degree to be okay in life—but, to me, the Ryerson community is what has always mattered. It’s what made everything worth it. I’m grateful for the five years I got to tell your stories. 

Now, hang in there Ryerson, and see you soon.


Sarah Krichel

Editor-in-Chief, 2019-20

Editor-in-chief Sarah Krichel poses for the camera in front of a wall of Eyeopener issues. Cheers.
Photo: Pernia Jamshed


  1. Honoured to have gone through this shitshow of a year with your commentary

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