A Q&A with Rammy, voice of the Ryerson Virginity Club

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By Rochelle Raveendran

The Ryerson Virginity Club is taking Instagram by storm. Daily posts starring the club’s stuffed toy mascot, Rammy, encourage students to abstain from sex, accompanied by striking photos such as Rammy hiding under a blanket with the caption: “Rammy says sex is scary!” 

Though not officially affiliated with the university—hence the use of Rammy instead of Eggy the Ram—readers are encouraged to share the page with their “favourite Ryerson virgin.” The Eyeopener caught up with Rammy to learn more about the club’s history and mission. 

Why should Ryerson students practise abstinence?

As university students, they are targeted the most by mainstream media’s forceful encouragement to have sex! All over the place we see university represented as a sex-crazy dungeon where young adults are encouraged to explore each other’s dangerous bodies. Not only is it damaging to one’s physical self to be so reckless, but it can damage the subconscious and begin a lifestyle of terror. 

The profile picture of the Instagram page appears to be a furry drawing of a ram. Why was this selected?

Here at Ryerson, we’re proud to be Rams! And it’s the strongest among us who are able to stay abstinent and resilient while the world throws corrupt media of copulation our way. We decided that depicting a strong ram would be symbolic of our collective moral strength. We have yet to change the profile picture because we accept all walks of life here, including furries, provided they believe abstinence is the key. Also, we haven’t found an image we feel evokes this strength and passion towards virginity. 

Finally, you can’t deny that Rammy’s a hunk!

Do you accept born-again virgins? How can one go about revirginizing?

Ryerson Virginity Club accepts everyone that wants to dedicate themselves to purity of the body. To revirginize is simple: just surround yourself with other holy and untempted people and renounce the carnal temptations you’ve once experienced until you use sex to reproduce with a lifelong spouse! There’s no real steps or ritual, it’s all about a mindset. 

Some students may feel they’re missing out on the “university experience” by staying abstinent. How can they enjoy themselves without sinning?

Having sex is what destroys the university experience! When you open your legs, you close your mind to the education provided to you through school and from the wonderful people you can meet. My first recommendation is to learn something new, whether that’s in school or from a good friend to make the most out of your university experience. Rammy also really loves sudoku. 

What are your best tips for remaining pure in the eyes of God?

While remaining pure in the eyes of God is very important to some, the first step is seeing yourself as pure. Whether you dedicate yourself to a god or not, there is a morality that comes from abstinence and keeping your mind away from destructive passions. Follow your own compass and conscience and you’ll be fine! But my favourite tip is to come join us at the Ryerson Virginity Club! 

Rammy’s responses have been edited for length and clarity.

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