A playlist for anime and K-pop fans, old and new

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By Norah Kim

Anime and K-pop are widely beloved among East Asian communities and are gaining rapid popularity and recognition in the West as well. Not only are they forms of media that people enjoy, but anime and K-pop create a sense of community and belonging, as previously reported by The Eyeopener.  

From BTS to Haikyuu!!, The Eye created a playlist full of some top-notch anime and K-pop tracks that will either ignite the fan in you or introduce you to an entirely different world of musical masterpieces. 

Grab your earphones and get ready to immerse yourself in a whole new world.



From one of South Korea’s most popular girl groups, TWICE, this song is guaranteed to up your serotonin levels. The group is also well-known for producing bright and youthful music that tends to attract wide audiences. The upbeat tones in “FANCY” will make you want to get up and dance. The song radiates happy vibes all around and has a TikTok famous choreography anyone can do!

紅蓮華 (Gurenge) by LISA 

“紅蓮華” or “Gurenge” is a song filled with hype and is a mix between contemporary rock and pop.  Fans of the anime Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, are always suddenly fluent in Japanese when this song comes on. The anime follows the story of a young boy and his sister-turned-demon and their journey to finding the cure to transform her back to human. It is perfect for any “main character” persona playlist and is very fun to bop to in the car with your friends.

心臓を捧げよ! (Shinzo wo Sasegeyo!) by Linked Horizon 

If you play “Shinzo wo Sasegeyo” in public, you’ll either get people giving you weird and confused looks or they’ll stand up straight like a soldier with their fist placed above their hearts. As the opening song for Attack on Titan’s second season, this song will ignite the unknown fighter in you. With its fast-paced tempo and intense drum backdrop, it’s also one of the perfect workout songs to get you motivated. 

残酷な天使のテーゼ (A Cruel Angel’s Thesis) by Yoko Takahashi

This previous century anime song throwback is the iconic opening theme from the show Neon Genesis Evangelion. The show is a classic and features humanity’s fight against destructive monsters with a riveting soundtrack, making it all the more memorable.  “残酷な天使のテーゼ” or “A Cruel Angel’s Thesis” gives off retro city pop vibes while also somehow being futuristic. If you blast the song while on a late night drive, you’re guaranteed to feel like a 90s show protagonist.


As Haikyuu!!’s opening song, this track literally makes you want to “fly high” and reach limitless heights. It has lively verses and an explosive chorus that will have blood pumping through your veins. It’s also great essay writing music if you need an upbeat song to keep you concentrated. 

Replay by SHINee 

Adding K-pop boy band SHINee into this mix is a must for OG K-pop fans. Similar to most cliche boy band songs about chasing a girl, “Replay” will have you reminiscing about your childhood crush. 

Palette by IU (Feat. G-DRAGON) 

Slowing it down with some wholesome vibes, IU’s “Palette” will get you hooked with her soft tones and make your heart melt. The South Korean singer and K-drama actress is known for producing angelic soundtracks for multiple romance shows which is why her voice is guaranteed have you swooning. “Palette” is a song that reminds you to feel youthful in your 20s with its mellow rhythms, followed by an added rap verse from artist G-DRAGON to keep things edgy.

Life Goes On by BTS 

BTS are artists who make music full of love, encouragement and sympathy. “Life Goes On” has a soft nostalgic melody that feels comforting like a warm hug. The angelic strings mixed with BTS’ talented vocals are the definition of wholesome and hopeful. This uplifting song is perfect to listen to on a long afternoon stroll. 

Flower by Yoon Mi-rae  

Yoon Mirae’s elegant voice matched with the soft guitar notes will surely get you in your feels. The song is from the original soundtrack of Crash Landing on You, a movie that tells the star-crossed love story of a South Korean heiress and a North Korean soldier. With an easily captivating melody, “Flower” will have you staring into the abyss and contemplating life. If you miss traveling, this song is perfect for reminiscing that past vacations,  making you wish you were gazing off in an open Switzerland meadow.  

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