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Delightful delicacies as far as The Eye can see

When the fall 2022 Eyeopener masthead was asked about what food makes them feel most at home, each staff member had something unique to say.


“My favourite memory associated with biryani is my mom plating it for me from the big pot it’s made in. I’m very picky when it comes to eating and she knows exactly which piece of chicken and how much rice to put on my plate. Every spoonful I eat, I can taste my mom’s love in the dish.”

–Abeer Khan, editor-in-chief

Fried rice

“When my grandfather died, his bangin’ fried rice left the earth with him. But my grandmother made it for me once two years ago and I told my parents it must’ve been blessed from the heavens or something. Whenever I eat fried rice, it always brings back such warm memories of my grandfather.”

–Gavin Axelrod, sports editor

Pesto pasta

“It’s my mom’s specialty and always hits after a long day of school, work or of doing nothing. It’s not overly complex but it always tastes so good. Many of my friends have said it’s their favourite meal cooked by a friend’s parent and have even asked for the pesto recipe.”

–Jack MacCool, sports editor

Spaghetti and meatballs

“When I was younger, I hated eating meat (and I still do) but my mum would give me meat in alternative ways like mushing it together in the sauce. I love spaghetti and any type of pasta so much now because of these memories from my childhood.”

–Vanessa Kauk, photo editor


“I remember eating borscht a lot with my grandmother, who is Russian, and standing by her side watching her cook the meal in the wintertime. During Christmas, we would all sit around the big table and dip our bread into the soup and she would tell us stories.”

–Peyton Keeler-Cox, photo editor


“Momos always remind me of home because the entire process of creating this dish is a family affair. Everyone sits in a circle and works together to make these intricate little dumplings. It’s always comforting to sit with my family and catch up, treating ourselves to these little pockets of heaven afterwards.”

–Youdon Tenzin, media editor

Khaman dhokla

“Khaman is a popular delicacy from Gujarati cuisine made of gram flour, spices, and herbs. Waking up to a table full of savoury Gujarati breakfasts as a kid, my mom would always make me wait before eating any, but sometimes my dad would let me sneak a bite.”

–Prapti Bamaniya, news editor

Patty from Patty King

“I usually get a mild or spicy Jamaican beef patty depending on how I’m feeling. As a kid, sometimes on Fridays, my mom would come home with a box of patties and that would cheer me up if I was having a bad day at school.”

–Edward Djan, news editor

Caramel corn

“It’s the sweetest most delicious food on earth. Caramel corn reminds me of a time pre-university when I had the opportunity to sit and watch a movie or TV show. Now, I just eat it when I work, but it’s still amazing!”

–Thea Gribilas, news editor


“My grandmother would boil a huge bag of perogies as a super easy yet delicious dinner for me and my brothers when we were younger. Now, they’re a staple at family holiday meals even though they aren’t homemade. They’re perfect little potato dumplings, what’s not to love?”

–Asha Swann, communities editor

Hot and sour soup

“My mom is practically unable to make a small portion of this dish. Every time she cooks hot and sour soup, we have days of leftovers to enjoy because she always uses the biggest pot we have in the house. Hot and sour soup reminds me of family, sitting together and enjoying a warm and familiar taste of home.”

–Madeline Liao, arts and culture editor


“Whether it’s Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, birthdays, the last Friday of Ramadan or a family gathering with no purpose; my mom’s brownies are always expected. All the way through to adulthood, politely laughing when nosy family members ask me if I have a boyfriend, there is little I wouldn’t endure for my mom’s brownies.”

–Mariyah Salhia, features editor

Salmon steak with soy-maple glaze

“When I moved out, I became a pescatarian, which was difficult for my family to accept since we’re big foodies—my dad and sister are huge meat lovers. My family also hosts Thanksgiving and Christmas every year and we have turkey as a tradition. But in my first year of university, when I came back home for reading week, there was a salmon steak on the barbecue while the turkey was roasting in the oven. Now, I have salmon steak waiting for me when I come home for every holiday.”

–Christina Flores-Chan, business and technology editor

Halwa puri

“Halwa puri is a breakfast food and in my family, it’s a Sunday morning staple. A lot of South Asian food can be found in Canada and I eat it at home with my family, but having fresh halwa puri on Sundays is a memory that is incomparable.”

–Zarmminaa Rehman, fun and satire editor

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