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TMSU announces dates for spring 2024 election

By Dexter LeRuez

The Toronto Metropolitan Students’ Union’s (TMSU) 2024 general election will run between Feb. 12 and March 8, according to their website.

The announcement posted to the TMSU’s website said the nomination period will run from Feb. 12 to 16.  

The TMSU’s elections webpage states all candidates’ meetings will be hosted on Feb. 23 and 26, the time of which will be determined later.

According to section 7.1.4 of the TMSU’s Elections Procedures Code, the topics discussed during all candidates’ meetings include but are not limited to the Code, the structure and function of the TMSU and the duties of election officials.

The meetings will be held in a hybrid format.

Slate declaration and ballot name forms will be due on Feb. 23, followed by the campaign period between March 4 to 8. The voting days will take place on March 6, 7 and 8, according to the TMSU’s elections webpage.

“This is an opportunity to put your name forth to lead and guide the students’ union from May 1, 2024 to April 30, 2025,” the students’ union said in a newsletter email sent out to the Toronto Metropolitan University community on Jan. 23.

All positions are up for election, with section 8.3 of the TMSU bylaws outlining the number of nominations a candidate must receive to be eligible to run. 

Candidates running for executive positions—the president and vice president roles—must be nominated by at least 50 TMSU members.

Faculty directors hoping to run will need to be a member of the faculty they are running for and be nominated by at least 25 members of that same faculty.

International student director candidates must be international students themselves and be nominated by at least 25 students who have international status.

All candidates who are interested in running must complete a mandatory board and elections training, according to section 8.4 of the TMSU bylaws

This will be the second election held by the TMSU during the 2023–24 school year. 

In March 2023, the TMSU’s initial spring election was deemed invalid, according to a special decision released by the Elections and Referenda Committee (ERC) as previously reported by The Eyeopener

The initial election was rescheduled to a new, in-person physical ballot in April last year. But, after several infractions of the TMSU’s Elections Procedures Code, the in-person election was also cancelled, as previously reported by The Eye

The ERC then released a statement calling for a byelection in the fall of 2023, interviewing for and appointing an interim Board of Directors (BoD) until Nov. 22. Nikole Dan won the presidential race by one leading vote, as previously reported by The Eye. The current BoD started their term on Dec. 10 and will continue to hold office until April 30.

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