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internet opinions: How do you feel about Quebec’s possible separation from Canada?

In keeping with our desire to infiltrate every aspect of student life, The Eyeopener is now on the MATRIX (that’s e-mail, technophobes!). Every week, we’ll be asking for your opinions on current events both on and off-campus. Here are some responses to the Quebec question:

I feel that Quebec should not separate…we built this country together and that should be the way it stays.

We should move on to more important issues such as the Indian land claims, people are getting killed in these situations and it isn’t funny.

Stacy Schiefner – BBMH

I strongly oppose the separation of Quebec…what truly makes Canada unique is the existence of people of different cultures and languages united. By being so, it stands as a promotion for the tourism industry. Canada is a multicultural country where two separate world come together as one, and I think it should stay this way for the sake of the people, to love each other for what they are, and for the sake of its tourism industry to further improve its economy. 

Eman Samara – CNED

My understanding is that all of this land belongs to me and every other citizen, though I may not have visited everywhere in Canada.

Brandon Mcdonald – GEOG

Quebec lost the war, the English won. The end justified the means.

Jonathan Smail – GADN

I am vehemently opposed to Quebec separation. This is a lot of loud talk by loud people, but I cannot believe that this is the actual desire of most inhabitants of Quebec. It strikes me as typical Canadian inertness that Parizeau, Bouchard, and all their ilk have not been arrested and charged with sedition and conspiracy to commit reason.

Don MacPhail – MECE

No, I don’t want to see Quebec separate from Canada.

Benjamin Banbury – SHTM

For University students, it may mean the loss of easy or convenient access to the best universities in Canada. McGill, Laval and Université de Montreal are among the finest we have and their loss to our academic assets would be lamentable.

Phil Brideaux – FMPS

I think it is NOT a good idea for Quebec to separate. Canada would end up broken up, confused, less peaceful, more prejudiced and racist, blamed for any and every icky-bicky problem in Quebec, and with yet ANOTHER excuse for not diminishing the stupendous deficit!

Syeda Rizvi – BBMD

Where’s my vote? Why can’t **WE** vote Quebec out of Canada? I support the separation of Quebec. In fact, I’d like to help. I am willing to surrender Ontario’s portion of the debt and current deficit to Quebec.

Stephen Hood – BBMC

“Hit the road, Jacques!”

Leatrice Spevack – RyeSAC

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