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internet opinions: How much do you think the president of Ryerson should make?

In response to your question of how much the president of Ryerson should make, I can say that I have nothing to base my opinion on. However, I have heard that this president enjoys many luxuries such as a new Nissan Maxima, and many unnecessary additions to his new lodgings all paid for with the students’ tuition. If this is indeed so, I really hope that his duties as president equal these benefits.

Why should the Ryerson prez make anything? This is my first year and frankly I didn’t even know that we had a prez. If I haven’t heard about this guy or gal then what the hell is this person doing? This person obviously doesn’t deserve any money.

I don’t think the president should make what he’s making right now unless everyone knows who he is. He should be out there every day meeting and talking to students and finding out about their concerns.

Hard to say with out knowing what the duties/tasks of a president are.. is it just a label, or does he actually do work? In any case I don’t see why more than 60 G’s a year should be required.. President of Ryerson?? Do we actually have one? Is it the same as the dean?

The president should earn a salary which is similar to that of a president who is running a company of equal dollar value. However, there should be some sort of a reward system setup, whereby the president receives a bonus for adding value to the university as perceived by students, board of governors, trustees or whoever the president reports to.

I think Ryerson should hire a homeless person for the job. This would demonstrate Ryersons dedication to the community. The person could be paid in food collected at Ryerson’s food bank. Also the ‘95 Maxima could serve as both car and home, which would be much cheaper. Besides — does the president do anything of significance anyway????

The RYESAC president should make zero, zilch, nada, but should get maybe a honorarium of a couple hundred dollars!


How much does he make? How much time does his role require, and exactly what service is he providing to us? In all likelihood his pay is far too extravagant for the service provided, but let us know.

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