Car break-ins prompt action

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By Jackie Burns

Ryerson campus and surrounding streets were hot spots for car break-ins last month, and Ryerson security said the crimes won’t simmer down anytime soon.

Chris Beninger, Ryerson’s Crime Preventions Officer, said incidents have been going on for months. “It’s an ongoing problem. It always will be,” he said.

Police arrested 37 people in the Ryerson area in December and 144 charges were laid, most for theft under $1,000.

Beninger said most of the December break-ins were on streets surrounding the school, but some were in Ryerson’s parking lots.

He said the cars lured thieves because valuables such as purses, cellular phones and laptop computers were left in plain view in the cars.

“It’s anything they [the thieves] can take and quickly sell on Yonge Street,” said Beninger.

He suggest people leave valuables in their car trunks.


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