Women pissed at BSA signs

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By Julie Alnwick and Lori Fazari

Get RAMmed at Whiskey Saigon—a slogan seen on posters around Ryerson’s campus—the Women’s centre angry because they say the phrase contains sexual connotations.

It was only meant to be catchy advertising for a Business Student’s Association party last Friday at Whiskey Saigon, said Jason Power, a fourth-year business student.

The BSA played on the word “ram,” which is Rye’s mascot.  The teasers weren’t meant to evoke sexual connotations, Power said, but a “party and have a good time” attitude.

“I’m sorry our promotions offended some people.”

But the Women’s Centre, part of RyeSAC, sees it as offensive to women in general and are angry RyeSAC approved the signs—which read “Get RAMmed” with a picture of Eggy the ram.

Valeria Swain, a first-year diploma in arts student, brought the issue up in a meeting at the Women’s Centre last week.

“I thought it was a disregard for the student female population,” Swain said.

“I was very angry about it…I don’t like to be at school and suddenly have something like that in my face.”

Daljeet Kaur, co-ordinator for the Women’s Centre, said they asked Power for a public letter of apology, and the matter has been dealt with.

Kaur said the Women’s Centre is asking RyeSAC for a commitment there will not be another similar incident.

Leatrice Spevack, a RyeSAC administrator approved the sign.

She didn’t think the sign would be a problem. “Obviously, I can’t speak for everyone’s sense of humor… I would have had more of a problem if the ram wasn’t the school mascot. It’s a big grey area, and I used my best judgement.”


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