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By Lori Fazari

A Ryerson student group has given RyeSAC a petition to protest the Women’s Centre room change.

Cindy Meilke, a second-year student who sits on the course union committee, collected signatures to get another vote on granting the Women’s Centre a bigger space.

“I’m not going against the Women’s Centre. I just want to open it up for a re-vote because I think that the way the Women’s Centre for the room was unfair,” Mielke said. “The petition is not to take the space away.”

Daljeet Kaur, Women’s Centre coordinator, was upset about the petition. She brought it up at yesterday’s collective meeting but said the Women’s Centre isn’t planning any action.

“We can’t do anything about it. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens.”

For years the Women’s Centre had been trying to get out of their cramped space in Jorgenson Hall to the bigger Clubs Room across the hall.

They won the vote granting them more space at RyeSAC’s recent semi-annual general meeting, but were accused of bringing the issue to the meeting at the last minute and stacking the vote.

Mielke would rather have seen the room go to other uses. “A proposal the course union committee was setting up was to make the Clubs Room available for other student groups,” she said.

“There are so many student groups and course unions on campus that don’t have any office space whatsoever.”

Mielke said she’d be satisfied if the Women’s Centre held onto their bigger space after a second vote. “That’s fair,” she said.

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