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Student IDs discarded by prof

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By Shi Davidi

For the second time in less than a month, The Eyeopener has come across student numbers discarded carelessly by Ryerson staff, despite administration saying it wouldn’t happen again.

A list of 42 names, 33 with student ID numbers, was found on a lecture podium in East Kerr Hall. The list was from an environmental health course, ENH 122, taught by Siu Mee Cheng.

Virtually any private information can be accessed with your student number, including grades, timetables, fee statements and student cards.

A Ryerson caretaker found the two sheets while cleaning the classroom and brought the list to The Eyeopener. The list appears to be an attendance taken by the professor.

“As I was leaving, I saw it laying on the lector. Anybody who walked by could have seen it,” said the caretaker.

The discovery of this list comes three weeks after The Eye staff discovered a trash bin filled with student ID numbers written on receipts by cafeteria workers.

When shown the list Monday, Dennis Mock, Ryerson’s VP academic, said the issue would be discussed with the environmental health department and be brought up at the next dean’s meeting.

“We’re concerned whenever this happens,” said Mock. “I’m sorry this happened and will make sure it doesn’t happen again.”

Brian Clarence, director of the School of Environmental Health, said Cheng forgot the sheets in class.

Asking students for ID numbers of attendance sheets prevents people signing in for their friends, he said.

“It’s an unfortunate situation,” said Clarence. “We do our damndest to secure private information in this department.”

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