Angelo DeLuca and Barbara Hall. Photo: Sean Fitz-Gerald

The two mega-losers

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By Lori Fazari

Angelo DeLuca’s political aspirations outside Ryerson have been shot down for the time being.

The RyeSAC president ran for the position of separate school board trustee in Ward 11, encompassing downtown Toronto, the Don Valley and East York.

He came in fourth out of six candidates in Monday’s elections.

DeLuca was still thrilled with the results. “Strangers voted for me. I thought it would just be my family,” he joked.

On a more serious note during the election night, which he spent at Barbara Hall’s campaign party, DeLuca claimed the election “a personal victory.”

He was more disappointed at Hall’s defeat in running for the position of megacity mayor.

Going through the election process and debating were reward enough for power-crazed DeLuca, who also sits on Ryerson’s Board of Governors and Academic Council. “I learned so much,” he said.

“I thought I had a chance of winning if there were only two or three candidates running.”

Older, more experienced candidates knocked him out of contention. “I wanted to protect the rights of students. These old conservative people are making decisions that don’t necessarily reflect the reality of the ‘90s.”

There’s not way he’s through with politics after this defeat. DeLuca said he ran for trustee to “get my name out there.”


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