Bookies battle it out

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By Caroline Alphonso

As Students line up yet again to buy pricy textbooks, Angelo DeLuca is hatching his plan for RyeSAC to take over the bookstore.
The Council president is making good on one of his election promises to try and take control of Ryerson’s bookstore.
If run by RyeSAC, books would be sold at cost, DeLuca said.
“In this way we will be helping students in fighting educational expenses,” he said.
The bookstore currently marks up textbooks and DeLuca thinks with RyeSAC in control Students would save cash.
With his term as president more than half over, DeLuca presented a bookstore proposal to Ryerson this week.
“With the success of Oakham House, it would be a good idea to now take over the bookstore.”
DeLuca hopes to make money by offering services to the outside community, which he said Ryerson should consider even if they don’t hand the bookstore over to RyeSAC.
“We will be marketing copy services to the surrounding business community. “
Although RyeSAC is ready to begin negotiations with Ryerson, it may not happen soon.
“We are happy to look at the proposal,” said Linda Grayson, v.p. administration and student affairs.
“But we have no intentions at this point to go into negotiations because we are dependent on the small profit the bookstore makes to pay the mortgage on the book store property and surrounding Ryerson property.”

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