Race gets rolling for exec elections

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Presidential wannabes

By Graeme Smith

Drop your TV Guide and tune in to this season’s real entertainment – the race to be RyeSAC president.

The Cast, in alphabetical order:

Lionel Poizner, 36, fourth year industrial engineering, is promoting a student centre, taking over the bookstore, scheduling improvements as well as fighting tuition increases.

Jude Shawera, 23, third year business student, would like to see a reading week in the fall term and more convenient exam schedules.

Michael Speers, 22, a fourth-year journalism student, stresses “honesty and sincerity,” and wants better ways to gauge student opinion.

David Steele, 24, fifth year theatre production, has a wide-ranging platform that includes improvements to student finances, Ryerson’s “community environment,” and academic appeals.

Steven Wright, 25, fourth-year business, is worried about soaring tuition and wants more financial aid for students.

The curtain closes when students cast their ballots Thursday, Feb 12.

Vice Presidential Hopefuls

By Deborah Gardner

Running for v.p. Administration is Jason Power and Vladimir Spivak.

Power, a fourth-year marketing student, is focusing his campaign on creating a student centre.

Spivak, a third-year industrial engineering student is campaigning for RyeSAC to take over the bookstore.

For v.p. development and finance the candidates are Mike Coburn, Steve Cornwell and Vladimir Vasilko.

Coburn, a third-year business student, wants a tuition freeze.

Cornwell, a third-year urban planning student, is pursuing a new student centre.

Vasilko, a second-year industrial engineering student, is encouraging a tuition decrease or freeze.

Owen Ferguson and Erin George are running for v.p. education.

Ferguson, a first-year journalism student, is campaigning to keep tuition down. He plans to start a tuition strike if Ryerson raises it.

George, a third-year journalism student, wants a tuition freeze and a freeze on school fees.

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