Calculating students’ tuition total not realistic

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By Lucy Nersesian

A U of T task force’s recommendation that students be told the total cost for their four years of tuition before they start school is a good idea, but not feasible, according to some at Ryerson.

“This kind of statement is an apple-pie statement,” says Marion Creery, director of student affairs at Ryerson. “Everyone says it’s good because it will be helpful to students but you have to be realistic. A four-year plan has to be in place.”

U of T provost Adel Sedra is worried some students have to drop out because they can’t afford tuition. She commissioned the task force to find solutions.

The report also said financial needs not met by government support should be covered by a mix of grants and preferred interest rate loans.

Gord Tanner, RyeSAC’s VP education, said the task force’s report has some good ideas, but they likely aren’t possible.

“It’s not feasible because if you went back four years and told students that their tuition would increase by 50 per cent in four years … people would freak out.”

Publicizing future tuition hikes would hurt universities because the enormous costs would discourage students.

He worries students would think they’re better off taking a two-year college program.

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