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The men who would be prez

By Graeme Smith

Each RyeSAC presidential candidate promises more for your money next year — but they’d all do it differently.

In last Thursday’s sparsely-attended debate in Pitman Hall’s cafeteria, David Steele and Michael Speers declared war on rising tuition.

“I will get a meeting with Mike Harris to make sure your concerns are addressed,” said Speers.

Steele is calling for pressure on government, banks and boards of governors to freeze tuition. “We can’t lie down and let ourselves be kicked.”

The others spoke of getting better value for students’ money.

“They’re charging us a great deal of money and we’re not getting enough,” said Lionel Poizner.

Jude Shawera called for a “much more effective” use of resources.

Steven Wright wants to improve the career centre, library, housing centre and computer labs. “Everything seems to be outdated.”


These folks wanna be VPs

By Deborah Gardner

The candidates for RyeSAC’s three VP positions duked it out last Thursday night, but nobody was really there to listen.

Owen Ferguson, running for VP education, heckled opponent Erin George as she spoke of freezing tuition.

Ferguson said: “Where were you last night?” referring to the Student Day of Action sit-in he attended.

Ferguson wants a tuition strike. “If we keep paying every time they raise it, what possible reason do they have not to?”

George said Ferguson’s plan is “irresponsible and will not work.”

While VP finance candidates Vladimir Vasilko and Steve Cornwell supported a student centre, Mike Coburn argued against one.

Coburn wants RyeSAC to take over the bookstore and to negotiate a discounted TTC Metropass.

Jason Power, VP administration candidate, wants new course evaluations, a student centre and four-day weekends.

Vladimir Spivack did not attend the debate.


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