In pursuit of the Material Girl

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By Stephanie Bomba

Unless your head was in the sand last week, you probably already know Madonna was in town on Friday to promote her new CD, Ray of Light.

And if you weren’t completely oblivious, you probably know the Queen of Pop Music was at Muchmusic. (Maybe you were even lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the million dollar diva through the glass windows on Queen and John).

But what you don’t know is that this reporter managed to wrangle an invitation to the highly exclusive, by-special-invitation-only press conference she held at The Sutton Place Hotel before her Much appearance.

After arriving at the hotel conference room and being snubbed by every “professional” journalist in the room, I found myself a seat and, like everyone else, waited for the Queen Diva to enter the room. And waited. And waited.

Finally, flanked by security and PR people, she entered the room. The Material Girl was dressed in black with silver sequins and stiletto heels. Sparkles glittered around her eyes. Everybody applauded upon her arrival. She barely acknowledged us.

Finally, the barrage of unoriginal questions. Understandable of course, since Madonnna has been around for years and has been quite open about her life (remember that Sex book?). So it is virtually impossible to ask her a question that she has never answered before.

Nevertheless, some questions were extremely ridiculous. Point in case: Hott 103.5 FM DJ Adrian Bell’s question. Bell asked Madonna, “If you took a holiday, took some time to celebrate, just one day out of life, would it be so nice?”

The Queen of Pop rolled her eyes and everyone laughed. “Don’t quit your day job,” she said.

Another reporter asked her if she has already “selected” the father of her next child. Somewhat surprised by the question, Madonna replied, “I’m so happy to talk about my album.”

Well, you probably know how the rest of the story goes. In a flurry of flashes, Madonna left us after a much too short appearance and made her way to Much and then back home: Come back again soon, Queen of Pop.

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