Students unaware of upcoming board elections

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By Yaseen Hemeda

Politics at Ryerson is a hush-hush operation.

Although nominations for Ryerson’s board of governors opened more than three weeks ago, many students aren’t aware they will be taking place.

The board of governors is made up of 24 people who make financial decisions and administrative decisions for the university.

Nominations are open in three categories: one candidate from the teaching faculty and one from administrative staff to serve a two-year term; and three seats are open to students, who will each serve a one-year term.

Full and part-time students can vote for their student representatives on Oct. 28.  In last year’s elections only 300 people voted out of more than 20,000 eligible voters.  Erin George, RyeSAC’s v.p. education, said students aren’t aware of the elections because it isn’t promoted well on campus.

Applied chemistry  and biology student Judy Barreto said that’s why she had no idea the elections were going on.  “This is my fifth year at Ryerson and I still don’t know what’s going on,” she said.  “[Ryerson administration] should inform us about these elections.”

But board secretary Ed Valin said there are posters advertising the elections all over campus.  “We did send out the proclamation, so if you look around campus you’ll see the poseters.

Any student can run for a seat on the board, but few do.  Last year only four students ran for the three available seats – two were RyeSAC executives.

George has decided to run fro a seat.  She said she wants to make sure students’ concerns are heard and wants to keep RyeSAC informed of what’s going on at the board level.

RyeSAC president David Steele is still undecided on whether he will run.

To all budding nominees, hurry up and pick up a nomination form on Jorgenson Hall’s 13th floor.  Nominations close this Friday.

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