Graphic sexual graffiti stains washroom stall

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By Valentine De Landro

Attempts have been made to mask obscene graffiti drawn in a men’s washroom during the summer months, but it appears to have left a permanent mark. 

Last Monday night Michael J. Levesque, a part-time computer science student, reported finding the graffiti in the second-floor men’s washroom of East Kerr Hall.

“This is supposed to be a professional institution.  I don’t think that this is the image that they want to present to the public,” Levesque said.

The graffiti includes a monologue of a boyfriend who found out that this girlfriend was sleeping around.  It describes how he got the girl drunk and beat and raped her with graphic descriptions of oral and anal sexual assault.  The story ends with him strangling the girl, chopping her up and burying the dismembered body.

The text was accompanied by three pictures illustrating the acts described.  The graffiti covered the entire washroom stall.

According to Terry Ladouceur, Ryerson’s security manager, the text and illustrations were originally discovered in the summer.

He said a man was found defacing school property four times.  Security was put on a 24-hour watch for the suspect.

“We eventually found him and caught him, but he took off on us,” Ladouceur said.

No charges were laid and the suspect hasn’t been seen since, Ladouceur said.  Incidents like these are documented and sent to the Toronto police hate crimes unit.

Sam Chalmers, acting assistant director of physical plant, said painters were sent to cover up the graffiti, but it can still be seen through the paint.  He said security and physical plant will get the graffiti properly removed.

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