V.p.-elect to address poster defacing allegation

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By Jasmine Yeung

V.p. administration-elect Jennifer Long will respond on Wednesday to accusations made by her opponent that she defaced campaign posters.

“Depending on her response to the accusations, consequences could be anything from no action taken at all, to her possibly being removed,” said Rob Emerson, RyeSAC’s chief returning offer (CRO).

In a letter to Emerson, Amirmakin Aziz, who lost to Long by 360 votes, alleges two of his engineering friends witnessed Long and v.p. administration Jason Power defacing candidates’ posters with drawings of horns and dildos.

Emerson said the election procedures committee (EPC), which is independent of RyeSAC, is only investigating the allegations against Long because Power did not run for a position in February’s election.

Before campaigning, candidates are informed of election bylaws, which do not allow for the defacing of posters.

“They’re responsible for making sure they’re within all of the bylaws,” Emerson said. “When they sign themselves off as candidates, they agree to those terms.”

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