Council rejects review

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By Hamida Ghafour

Ryerson’s academic council rejected a bid for a public review of the harassment office.

The motion to the council — presented by RyeSAC president Erin George — was defeated overwhelmingly at Monday night’s meeting.

“Given the fact that it’s not in the jurisdiction of the council, I rule it’s not acceptable,” Ryerson president Claude Lajeunesse said.

But George disputed that.

“[The harassment office] affects our learning and working environment, which is why it’s an academic issue,” she said.

George presented the motion on behalf of an ad hoc committee of campus organizations, which came together after this summer’s dismissal of harassment office manager Wendy Roberts.

The groups want the university to get a committee together — which has been struck twice before — to decide whether the harassment office needs restructuring.

A similar motion was struck down by Ryerson’s board of governors on Sept. 27.

The ad hoc committee is to meet with administration in a closed door meeting to decide its next step.

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