A building in the making

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By Eyeopener staff

Ryerson did have something resembling a student centre after World War II. A converted airplane hangar housed a gym, pub, tuck shop, barber shop and lounge, but the school has been itching for a new student centre ever since Kerr Hall replaced the hangar in the 1950s.

1971—The first concept of a student centre sunk after provincial funding fell through.

1985—A $4-million proposal was introduced to erect a campus centre behind the journalism building.

1991—Ryerson’s student government spent nearly $200,000 promoting, planning and designing an environmentally friendly student centre. The plan hit a roadblock after a students overwhelming voted no in a referendum asking whether they were willing to pay $50 a year to fund it.

1994—RyeSAC proposed another referendum, this time asking students for $20 per semester, but the question never made it to the students because the university’s board of governors felt there were too many issues concerning long-term interest rates.

1995—Another plan was in the works, but new RyeSAC president Paul Cheevers wouldn’t support it unless the student council could raise 50 per cent of the necessary money before any building plans were made.

1998—In a referendum, 74 per cent of students voted to transfer a yearly $60 fee—originally meant to pay the RAC’s mortgage—into a pot for the centre.

April 2000—Negotiations came to a halt after squabbles erupted between then-RyeSAC president Erin George and university administrator Linda Grayson over $700,000 collected in student fees.

Today—After clearing up money disputes, administration and RyeSAC appear to be ready to build.

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