News briefs for the week of Jan. 23

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Ryerson hit with rash of laptop fraud

Toronto police are encouraging bargain hunters to refrain from spending $300 to $500 on boxes filled with shredded newspaper. Last week, several people were surprised to find that the laptop computers they purchased in the Ryerson area lacked an actual computer. Police arrested two suspects near Ryerson. Anyone with information should contact 51 division at 416-808-5160.

Mice and bugs taking over at Neill-Wycik

Much to everyone’s surprise (no, really?), Neill-Wycik is infested with mice, rats and bed bugs. Residents in the building said they can hear the sound of tiny hands and feet scurrying in the walls and regularly have maintenance lay down traps and poison. Exterminator P.C.O. Services Inc. have a contract to visit the residence twice a month, but said they were called last week to rid a room of bed bugs.

RyeSAC campaign posters found defaced

Sajjad Wasti, who is running for v.p. finance and services, found about six of his campaign posters defaced last Monday. Wasti, a business student, was shocked to see “loser” written in barely legible yellow highlighter across his poster.

He believes a former classmate who is hold a grudge is to blame.

“Someone’s trying to get at me for something I don’t even remember,” he said.

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