RyeSAC elections out of alignment after poster tilting

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By Michael Traikos

A RyeSAC executive candidate in the upcoming election is crying of dirty politics after finding several of his posters defaced for the second week in a row.

Sajjad Wasti, running for v.p. finance and services, said last week that someone had written “loser” across his campaign posters. Wasti said the culprits have stepped up their attack, by “systematically destroying” the original postering pattern that the fourth year business management student devised.

“One or two are being removed to ruin the pattern,” said Wasti, who tapes up his campaign posters in intricate horizontal, vertical and diagonal patterns.

Wasti believes opposition might be behind the dirty campaigning.

“Of course it crossed my mind, but I’m not going to do it,” Wasti said of joining in the dirty campaign. “One of my friends suggested writing racist remarks and turning it into a media frenzy.”

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