RyeSAC questions Board connections

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By Don McHoull

After almost a year of research, RyeSAC is planning to release a pamphlet showing how Ryerson’s Board of Governors is connected to big business and the Tory government at Queen’s Park.

“I think it will shatter some people’s illusions of the objectivity of the Board of Governors,” said Alex Lisman, RyeSAC’s v.p. education. “I think it will make it very clear that they actually are partisan, that they represent private interests and not the Ryerson community in general.”

With research on the project complete, RyeSAC is double-checking its facts and vetting what it plans to print with its lawyer.

“We have every right to do it,” said Lisman. “All the information that we’re using is public information, but it is information that’s not widely known.”

Research for the project was done by Blair Dowell, a York University student who had previously done similar research on York University’s Board of Governors. Dowell received a $200 honorarium from RyeSAC.

With so much information on hand, RyeSAC is planning to print only a few highlights in a one page pamphlet.

“We’re going to highlight sort of the key players of the board of governors, like the chancellor of the university and things like that, and what interests they represent, and how they’ve done on campus,” said Lisman.

Lisman said the pamphlet will be printed within the next few weeks. Printing costs will be shared by RyeSAC and campus union groups.

Linda Grayson, Ryerson v.p. administration and student affairs, was surprised when told of RyeSAC’s planned pamphlet.

“I hope they write about how hard the board of governors work, and all the good they do for the university,” she said.

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