Rye too dry, survey says

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By Joe Friesen

Ryerson’s extracurricular activities are the worst in Canada, according to a Globe and Mail survey release last Wednesday.

The online survey found that Ryerson students rank their school’s social and athletic events lower than students at any other Canadian university.

Crystal Adair, RyeSAC vice-president of student life and events, says she recognizes the lack of school spirit on campus but doesn’t know if Ryerson students actually want that to change.

“It’s not like I have students breaking down my door demanding more campus events,” she said.

Adair oversees a $75,00 event planning budget. Almost half of that is spent organizing frosh week. The rest goes to events like this week’s Halloween party and the various pub nights held at Oakham House.

“It’s not a huge budget in comparison to other universities,” says Adair.

“Students on campus haven’t really asked for more money for events. It’s hard to give money if there’s no student demand.”

With less than 1,000 of the university’s 10,000 full-time students living on campus, Adair says it’s difficult to generate a lot of enthusiasm for extracurricular activities.

“We’re a commuter school,” she said. “Most people at Ryerson have the mentality that they come here to study. That’s it.”

Athletic programs are among the most popular extracurricular programs offered with about 2,600 students participating in 25 different intramural leagues.

“We do have the programs,” says athletics director Dave Dubois. “And they’re full. But we’re a downtown campus and we just can’t expand.”

Ryerson doesn’t have the money to offer more facilities, Dubois says.

“York students pay $250 in extra fees. Our students pay $52. I’m not saying we should do what they’re doing, but it’s an issue,” he says.

On the positive side, the survey ranked Ryerson second-highest among universities in terms of training for employment and 12th in overall quality of education But in terms of overall satisfaction, Ryerson was third last.

The Globe and Mail university report card is based on an online survey of 20,675 students, including 419 Ryerson students. The survey took place between late March and early April this year.

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