Students regret posing topless, as photos flood campus

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By John J. Hanan

Five female Ryerson students discovered the true meaning of the World Wide Web over the weekend.

The women – two business and three ITM students – took a few titillating snapshots in what appears to be a classroom.

The group uploaded the digital photos – which features the quintet in bikini tops and kissing each other while topless – to a Web site last Wednesday and were shocked to find that by Monday morning, they had become campus celebrities

“It’s just PG-13 stuff, I don’t know what the big deal is,” said one of the girls, whose boyfriend took the pictures. “We’re laughing it off now, it’s almost been a week.”

The group wasn’t laughing when they discovered that the ITM computer lounge had their photos set as the desktop wallpaper on every monitor.

Someone with access to the Web site had downloaded the photos from the Web site and circulated them by e-mail.

The e-mail with the photos was forwarded so frequently that some business students reported receiving it as many as three times.

The women said that other students have been pointing at them and making lewd offers about paying money for more pictures.

“We’re thinking we might be put on the admission pamphlets next,” joked the same business students. She denied taking the pictures on school property and insisted it was just a fun joke between friends.

“It was just an intimate moment between friends,” explained another one of the students, who also refused to give her name. “It’s unfortunate that students would be so childish and immature.”

“I should be concentrating on school, not worrying about this shit,” she said in obvious frustration.

The women admit they were naïve to believe they could post scantily clad pictures on the Internet and not get noticed, although they feel someone is maliciously trying to send the photos to as many Ryerson students as possible.

The group said they also fear for their safety when walking from the business building to the rest of the school. The photogenic five also fear they would lose the respect of their professors.

The students insist that there aren’t any other naughty photos and that rumors of wild orgies occurring in the business building are completely false.

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