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By Amy Sharaf

Construction for the new student campus centre may be on track for its winter 2005 opening, but that’s cold comfort for some student groups.

While the opening date is tentatively set for Feb. 19, students are concerned that a mid-term move into the new building will disrupt academic and activity schedules.

“I’m already stressed out thinking about [moving]; I don’t know how I’ll be able to handle it,” said Ilanit Goren, a second-year Social Work student and education co-ordinator at RyePRIDE. “It’s not just about packing. It’s about all the paperwork and resources that comes with it.”

The $14.5-million Student Campus Centre will hold RyeSAC services as well as student and community service groups. Moving mid-term, though, could be an inconvenience for some and might even interfere with exam schedules.

Remon Hanna, the vice president of internal affairs for the Arab Student Association, said moving mid-term isn’t ideal, but the transition shouldn’t be too difficult.

“The actual moving of furniture might be a problem, but the relocation of our office shouldn’t be that bad,” he said.”[But] it would have made more sense if we moved directly into the office instead of moving mid-year.”

RyeSAC general manager Rob Emerson said the council will be able to assist the groups when it comes time to migrate. “We’re going to be there to help [the student groups]. I think everyone will be pleasantly surprised at how smooth the move goes,” he said.

By comparison with the size of the engineering building, Emerson said relocating into the smaller campus centre should be less complicated. Plans for the transition have yet to be made, but when student groups start packing near the building’s February opening, campus radio station CKLN will continue to broadcast regardless of its moving schedule.

The station’s news director Kristin Schwartz said that moving, in general, is a hassle. “The move is going to be challenging for us no matter when it is, but we’re looking forward to it,” she said.

RyeSAC will start the move at the end of construction, and Emerson said they’ll take steps to minimize the impact on student groups. Services like the Used Book Room and CopyRite may be moved in the middle of the night to accommodate them.

Along with the new offices for student and community service groups, the student centre will include a renovated Ram in the Rye and new lounges.

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