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Eyeopener Staff

The hiring process at RyeSAC has been re-opened to two disenfranchised applicants.

After allegations of discrimination, Ram Sivapalan and Nora Loreto have been encouraged to seek employment through the work-study program at RyeSAC.

Both were denied interviews in September, despite being shortlisted for the positions. “I’m really happy that they rectified the situation,” said Sivapalan. “Hopefully we’ll get a chance at our employment at RyeSAC.”

Rob Emerson, RyeSAC general manager, e-mailed the duo this week, informing them that the jobs are available and they were welcome to re-apply for them.

Sivapalan said things moved along for him and Loretto after they filed a complaint with Ryerson’s ombudsperson in late September. While he is happy to get the chance to re-apply, Sivapalan said the entire hiring process has to start again. And, the position he wanted, which offered a 15-hour a week job, has been filled.

Now he has to settle for a 9-hour a week job at the Working Students Centre. Sivapalan said the ruckus at RyeSAC could affect political students who apply for bursaries.

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