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By Ali Zafar

Using stir sticks instead of loonies is giving some students a free wash on campus coin-operated laundries.

“Cut the corner of the stir stick, and then you stick it in to where you put the loonie,” said Audrey Morton, a first- year Nursing student. “It also works for dryers,” she added.

Morton lives on the 10th floor of Pitman Hall residence. She has never tried cheating the machines herself but believes 40 out of 50 people on her floor have.

“Students are already spending so much money, so they try to save any way possible. “You have to be careful though because the residence associates come into the laundry room often,” said Morton.

Jenny Owens, a resident associate, said anyone caught tampering with the washers or dryers pays a charge of $100 or the cost of a new machine.

“If students are tampering too much with the machines, we would use money from the housing accounts” to pay back the company managing the machines, said Owens.

“This would take money away from other facilities,” she added.

Marc Rooche, a first-year Theatre Technical Production student, said there aren’t many change machines around.”Students don’t have loonies so they try different methods of doing laundry,” he said. “It’s not the greatest thing in the world, but students do it to save money,” said Rooche.

He says when students do have change they use it for other things. “There are so many hidden costs.I use my change on paper, pens and it adds up,” said Rooche.

“We are exploring the possibility of using the Ryerson One Card at the laundries,” said Owens.

In addition, Glen Toews, the Ryerson One Card manager, said “it’s a definite possibility” that the card might be used at the laundries. But he added it all depends on the cost.

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