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by Robyn Doolittle
Business Editor

Do you know how to be an adult? Me neither.

RRSPs. GICs. Stocks, bonds, the real estate market? I assumed it would become clear before I needed to understand it; that one morning I’d wake up and be able to read the Financial Post with interest instead of confusion. But now that I’ve officially entered my final year of university, that seems less and less likely.

So last year when then editor-in-chief Joel Wass proposed replacing our Roots and Culture section with Business, I volunteered to head it. (We agreed considering Ryerson has the largest undergraduate business program in the country, it was time.)

The Eyeopener exists to serve students. Roots and Culture was instituted in 1995 as a way to incorporate diversity into the paper. But in the last 10 years our mandate has evolved. Now every editor is expected to incorporate Ryerson’s plethora of culture into each section.

Finally, I’d like to think I will be earning some cash upon graduation, and it’d be beneficial to know where to invest it, spend it, and make more. I imagine others feel the same. And I want to know, what you want to know, so email your business and technology questions, comments and story ideas to

Together, let’s avoid a future of opening doors at Tim Hortons for quarters.

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