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by Maurice Cacho
Associate News Editor

Two of Ryerson’s cafeterias failed their most recent municipal health and safety inspections between April and July, one with crucial infractions.

The cafeterias were allowed to continue operating after inspectors re-evaluated the sites 48 hours after the initial inspections.

The Hub Market Cafeteria scored a conditional pass for what Toronto Public health calls “severe infractions.” These include failing to maintain food at correct temperatures and failing to prevent cross-contamination with food.

The cafeteria in Pitman Hall received a conditional pass in April, but for less serious infractions.

Tino Serapiglia, environmental health officer for Toronto Public Health, said a conditional pass isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It’s only a concern if conditions don’t improve.

“It just means that the operator had to make some corrections that had to be corrected within the 48 hour time period, or else it could turn into potential problems,” he said.

However, the Hub has received a conditional pass on each surprise visit made by health inspectors since November of last year.

Second-year fashion student Jared Reichert lived in Pitman Hall’s residence last year and used his mandatory meal plan at Ryerson cafeterias daily.

“That’s disgusting,” he said of the infractions. He said he feels “ripped off” because his expensive meal plan bought him potentially unsanitary meals.

Third-year information technology management student Samantha Morris agrees.

“It’s unacceptable. We pay a lot of money to eat here,” she said.

Calls made to Ryerson Food Services and food provider Aramark were not returned by press time.

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