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Eyeopener Staff

A 43-year-old male wanted by police was arrested Thursday morning for allegedly breaking into two automobiles in the Victoria Street parking garage.

The suspect was identified by a Ryerson security surveillance team and arrested about 30 minutes after security discovered two vehicles with smashed windows. An MP3 player and accessories, stolen from one of the vehicles, were returned to its owner.

The suspect, whom Toronto police would not name, is being held in custody facing charges of mischief under $5, 000 and theft under $5, 000. A warrant was also out for his arrest on previous charges of threatening bodily harm, carrying concealed weapons and weapons dangerous, said Staff Sgt. Scott Roberts of 51 Division. Ryerson security is investigating whether there is a connection between this incident and a rash of break-ins in the garage since Dec. 30.

“The promising thing here is the person we arrested actually does look a fair bit like the images we’ve gotten from previous incidents,” security manager Lawrence Robinson said. “The following good news is that all of the break-ins that we’ve been getting reported since the beginning of January have been occurring on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

“Following the arrest of this suspect on Thursday morning, we had no following break-ins.” Twelve cars have been broken into since Dec. 30 at the garage.

A minivan was stolen Jan. 21.

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