Broken Fountain Scene

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By Muhammad Ali Zafar

The water fountain outside Pitman Hall is under repair – again.

The fountain was spewing water last week but a pipe leak has emptied hopes of a functioning campus park for a few more days.

“We’ve got to install a brand new pipe, either that or cover the leak. As soon as we find the leak, it will be fixed,” said repairman Michael Esposito.

He said it should be up and running again before the end of the week. First-year film student Sean Macpherson said the fountain was appealing before construction started.

But the Pitman Hall resident said the barricades and yellow tape around the fountain doesn’t enhance the image of his residence.

Looking out at the fountain through the cafeteria windows of Pitman, first-year Image Arts student Mimi Li said she initially thought the fountain was a skateboard rink, but said the functioning fountain will boost Pitman Hall’s image.

“I think it’s worth it because residence rooms look like prison cells and this fountain makes Pitman look good,” Li said.

The resurrection of the fountain is one of the many ways Sheldon Levy is trying to beautify Ryerson. In March, Lake Devo was reopened after a three year hiatus.

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