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By Amanda-Marie Quintino

When a group of more than 40 fourth-year architecture students showed up for class on Tuesday morning, they had a door shut in their face.

Students enrolled in ASC 903 Ecology II were “frustrated and worried” to find out that one of the few professionally related courses offered. “We went to class and that’s where we found out there was no class to go to,” said Sara Khudhair, a fourth-year architecture design student. “It’s just the lack of notice is really annoying.”

A sign on the door of KHE 119 read “CANCELLED,” advising students to consult departmental assistant Kelly McHale.

The School of Architectural Science did not make themselves available for comment. The class is one of few professionally-related courses required for graduation. This cancellation has left students scrambling to find either another professionally-related elective or simply an available course that will allow them to earn a credit, explained Elka Wilson, a fourth-year architectural design student.

As of Tuesday afternoon, there was not enough availability offered for even half of those affected. Students are running into difficulties because the courses with vacancies either carry prerequisites or are outside their specified stream choice. The program requires its students to choose a stream in third year, which would allow them to specialize in one of three subjects: architectural design, building science or project management.

Although the administration has not given word on any plans in place to find a solution to the problem, Wilson went to one of her other profs who promised to “do what she can” to accommodate the affected students. “Just the fact that there’s someone there that’s helping us is at least a little bit of a relief,” said Wilson. “I just wish that the administration would do more, quicker.”

Fourth-year architectural design student Candice Gallinger said she is also disappointed that the School of Architecture, a faculty that is trying to establish a master’s program, “can’t even organize an undergrad effectively. We just don’t need this hassle in our last semester.”

For Gallinger, this is the class she’s relying on for eligibility to graduate. Ecology II instructor Jonas Spence-Sales, who was on sick leave last semester, told his students that he cancelled the class this semester because he hasn’t been feeling well.

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