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By Carla Wintersgill

A student who was choked in Pitman Hall last week by a residence advisor is still in the dark about his attacker’s fate.

Mike Davis, a first-year urban planning student was left with visible marks around his neck after an RA wrenched the back of his shirt.

Despite reporting the incident, he hasn’t been formally told what her punishment will be.

“I heard that she’s just getting moved to the ILC,” said Davis, adding that there was a rumoured spot available at the International Learning/Living Centre residence.

“If that was me, and I [choked] her, I would have been kicked out of rez that night and be sleeping on the streets,” he said.

When the Eyeopener investigated in Pitman, the RA’s door was still decorated with her things and music was playing from her room.

Glen Weppler, manager of housing, refused to return the Eyeopener’s calls. Since his story was published last week, Davis said he’s been met with hostility by the other RAs in residence.

He said that an RA confronted him with a copy of the Eyeopener and told Davis that the incident should have stayed between them.

He said the RA then ripped up the newspaper in front of Davis before storming off.

“It sucks that I have to feel like all the RAs are against me,” said Davis. “I’m the victim, not her.”

Another Pitman resident expressed her frustration with housing’s reticence. “They never really say anything about anything,” said Melanie Thompson, a first-year film student, who said she only learns about incidents in residence when she reads the newspaper.

“We’re not told anything at all by housing.”

Ryerson housing circulated an e-mail through Pitman advertising an immediate vacancy for an RA.

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