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By Amit Shilton

News Editor

The presidential review is in and the results are embarrassingly positive.

A committee of faculty, school donors and one student evaluated Ryerson President Sheldon Levy’s performance since he took office three years ago. Levy said the reviews, which will be presented at the next Board of Governors meeting, are glowing.

Levy admitted he was fortunate to join the university when Ryerson was growing. Since his arrival, he secured $40 million from the province, purchased the Sam the Record Man property and launched the Master Plan.

Right now, Levy is overseeing the construction of the new Student Learning Centre, the new image arts building and gallery and the closure of Gould Street.

“By and large there’s more resources. You can muck it up with more resources I guess, but it’s harder,” he said.

Levy’s five-year contract expires in August 2010. But if asked to come back, there is no hesitation in his answer.

“There couldn’t be a better job than the president of Ryerson,” Levy said. “Of all presidencies at different universities, it’s the choice one.”

RSU president Muhammad Ali Jabbar said Levy has been good to the school.

“We disagree on one issue but otherwise he is a good president,” said Jabbar, citing a difference in tuition fees.

Levy has previously worked at York University, Sheridan College’s Trafalgar Road campus and the University of Toronto.

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