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By Terrilyn Kunopaski

Despite a decline in applications to Ontario business schools, the Ted Roger’s School of Management is far from suffering.

Over nine per cent fewer students in the province are applying to study business.

But according to James Norrie, associate dean of the TRSM, over seven per cent more high school students selected Ryerson’s business school as a first choice. Students transferring from other institutions or applying as mature students saw a 37 per cent increase.

Norrie said that people are starting to realize that Ryerson’s business school is not only the biggest in the country; it’s also the best.

“I think what you’re finding is that the word is out,” Norrie said. “We used to be the school behind Sam’s, but now we’re the school on Bay Street.”

Norrie credits the downtown location of Ryerson’s business school to its success, because of its access to nearby corporations and business people.

“The number one source of recruitment is to make sure the promises we make are fulfilled,” Norrie said, which include faculty experienced in their field, top-of-the-line facilities, and access to real-world business.

Charmaine Hack, Ryerson’s director of admissions, said that it’s a huge endeavour to market Ryerson to varied groups — secondary schools, international students, and graduate students — but, she said, the message is clear.

“[The business school] has a dynamic faculty. The people at Ryerson care about our students,” she said. “Our location is key. It’s business on Bay.”

Overall, applications to Ryerson as a first choice have increased since 2008 by 10.5 per cent.

But regardless of the increase of applicants, Norrie said that there is still a limit to available space.

“We will not admit more students than we have the resources for, because that affects quality,” he said.

For that reason, only the best get accepted to Ryerson’s business school. “There’s not a student walking in this building who has under a B+.”

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