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Eyeopener Staff


 Sets the RSU’s major policies and goals for the academic year. Oversees the other executives, directs large projects and occupies the office closest to the door.

JERMAINE BAGNALL (Undivided) At six-foot-seven, the graduate student is hard to miss. A fresh face, he is looking to continue the hard work put in during his time as grad council chair. “I want my team to be able to do great things,” he said.

ABDULLAH SNOBAR (RyeChange) After two years on the Board, Snobar’s ready to make changes he says should have happened. Doing a 180, he’s also promoting CFS services and making sure students know about them.

CHRIS FORTIN (The Future) Fortin is back with a full slate this year after running alone as an independent in last year’s election. He plans to bring the students’ union to a new level of openness.

THOMAS DOLEZEL (Independent) Dolezel called us from Aspen to tell us about his presidential platform, which includes ensuring that a new sports facility would have a high-dive platform and a springboard.

VP education

Organizes activist campaigns, such as anti-Islamaphobia or the Drop Fees campaign. As well, VP education serves as an advocate for students who have been sucker-punched by Ryerson.

LIANA SALVADOR (Undivided) Salvador, an RSU Board veteran, hopes to continue the fight to drop tuition fees and make post-secondary education accessible. “It’s a great opportunity to do this work and mobilize students,” she said.

DANA HOUSSEIN (RyeChange) Houssein is going grassroots, encouraging students to “come in and tell us what they’d like to see on campus.” She’s pushing the campaigns that got thwacked by the Drop Fees juggernaut this year.

ADAM DMYTRIW (The Future) Probably the most academically sound candidate, Dmytriw plans to focus on restoring pride to a Ryerson education. “I think Ryerson is indeed the best university in Toronto,” he said.

VP Finance

 Balances the books and supervises RSU services, including CopyRite, the Used-Book Room and the sale of Metropasses. Sets the budget for student groups and the RSU, and tries to keep the union from going under.

TOBY WHITFIELD (Undivided) Whifield hopes to stay on as VP finance mainly because he enjoys his job. With a year of experience under his belt, he hopes to finally convince admin to support a tuition split.

OSMAN HAMID (RyeChange) Hamid wants to make money matters at the RSU as transparent as possible with town hall meetings where he can break down RSU membership fees. He’s also hoping to pimp our Used-Book Room.

MONIRUL ISLAM SAJIB (The Future) A political newcomer, Islam Sajib supports the calls for an independent audit of the RSU that will be made public online to the community.

VP Student life

Organizes parties and other events, including the annual Parade and Picnic. Also liaises with student groups, and plans multiple multicultural shindigs.

LISE De MONTBRUN (Undivided) As an international student, de Montbrun wants to bring the fun from her native Trinidad & Tobago to Ryerson. She hopes to make events like the Parade and Picnic and multicultural show free.

SID NAIDU (RyeChange) For his second term, Naidu wants to make the Student Campus Centre the cool place to be on campus. He wants to have interior design students remodel the inside of the SCC.

JAVID MURSALOV (The Future) Mursalov, new to the RSU scene, is looking to put a humanitarian focus on the position. He wants to increase awareness about free speech and human rights.

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