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By Amit Shilton

News Editor

Ryerson is shrugging off the effects of the economic crisis and putting its best face toward Yonge Street. Despite cutting its operating budget by up to five per cent, the school is spending about $200,000 on hoarding covering the new Student Learning Centre.

“It’s like when you go out you dress up… why do you dress up? You feel good, you want to make an impression. Ugly hoarding is like wearing baggy jeans and feeling awful about yourself,” said Ryerson President Sheldon Levy. “Good hoarding is like dressing up for the world.”

Levy said that the hoarding will be used to send a message to other schools and potential investors that Ryerson is doing just fine. Instead of pinching pennies, Levy wants Ryerson to be what other universities talk about.

“I think people have a sense of excitement, of buzz, a sense that the university is on the move,” Levy said.

By putting on a brave face, Levy also hopes to score a pretty penny from the government.

Norm Jurgen, director of web development with 17 Designs, said hoarding for a condo development project would cost about $80,000.

“That’s quite expensive. I think they’re going overboard depending on how large it is,” Jurgen said.

He said what could run the price higher than usual is the size of the canvas being printed on. Anything over 12 feet and the printer can dictate the price.

“What you’re paying for is the fact that the print is so much larger,” he said. “They’re taking advantage of that and escalating their price.”

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